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Optishot 2 Indoor Golf Simulator Packages

The Optishot2 golf simulator is an extremely popular home simulator option for golfers who are on a limited budget. While some elaborate simulation solutions cost tens of thousands of dollars, Optishot will allow you to create a complete setup for a very reasonable price.

Our Optishot 2 packages start at just $799 and include at a minimum the Optishot golf simulator, a golf mat, and a hitting net.

Optishot Is A Great Value

The reason most golfers love Optishot is that it is hard to beat the value. For just $799, you get a solution that will allow you to practice and play 15 courses with reasonable shot accuracy. 

Their virtual practice range allows you to practice to a variety of targets. It also provides information on your club path, face angle, tempo, and estimated contact on the clubface. The video to the left gives you an idea of how it works. 

The main value is that you are given access to a library of fifteen 3D-rendered golf courses. Most manufacturers will charge extra for their golf simulation software, but these are included in the purchase cost with Optishot. 

Simply put, you won't find a better deal out there for complete golf simulation


Flexible Setups

Another benefit of Optishot is that it allows for a number of setup options. Since the unit is only measuring the path of your clubface it does not require golfers to use actual golf balls. 

For players who are looking to save money, they can simply use foam golf balls that do not require the expense of a golf net. Because the unit integrates with most computers you only need a laptop and space to swing a golf club.

We have seen users with creative setups in their living spaces that allow them to play a simulated round of golf for well under $1000. 

However, if you do want to use real golf balls and make a more elaborate setup with a projector, that is possible as well. 

We have a few options available at various price points, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Overall, Optishot is very flexible with how much, or how little of a setup you want to incorporate into your home.



Best Selling Optishot2 Golf Simulator Packages Available at Shop Indoor Golf

Golfers who are looking for a home simulation option that won't break the bank should seriously consider the Optishot 2 system. It offers an incredible value for the price and is versatile enough to give multiple options based on budget levels and space requirements in your house. While the system does have a few drawbacks, we believe it is the best value out there.

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