Fiberbuilt Golf Buyer's Guide

fiberbuilt golf guide

Fiberbuilt is one of the leaders in golf mats and indoor putting green solutions. Their products are known for their high-quality build, premium materials, and exceptional performance. In this guide, we will review their product line, and discuss which products might make sense for your home practice setup.

First, we will take a look at the unique qualities of their golf mats, and then explore some of their putting turf solutions.

The Fiberbuilt Turf Difference

Most golf mats out there are made from thinner turf that provides a harder hitting surface that doesn't offer much "give." There are a few drawbacks to lower-quality mats using inferior materials like these:

  • You are not getting true feedback on your shots like you would on the course
  • Golfers can experience injuries over time called "turf shock," especially in joints around their elbow
  • That mats are not very durable and wear out very quickly

Golfers who purchase budget mats quickly find out the difference when they try out a premium solution.

Fiberbuilt uses a unique blend of materials to simulate real grass on the course, which you can see in this video:

This patented design provides a much more realistic hitting experience because it allows the clubhead to dig into the turf as it would on the course. It is also much easier on a golfer's body. 

Fiberbuilt also provides a 300,000 shot guarantee because they are so confident their product will stand the test of time.

A Stronger Base

Another unique feature of the Fiberbuilt hitting mats is their rubber base. Their mats have a unique modular design that features a strong rubber frame with inserts in between called EPS pods. This provides better stability, shock absorption, and most importantly a more comfortable footing.

You can see how it looks in this video from the PGA Merchandise Show: 

Overall, the combination of their proprietary hitting surface and the strength of the frame make this one of the top practice mats on the market. It is one of the more popular solutions amongst our customers who are looking to create indoor simulators at home.

Fiberbuilt Hitting Mat Options

We have a number of options in our Fiberbuilt store, but here are a few models that are popular based on your needs.

4' x 7' Single Sided Studio Mat

fiberbuilt buyers guide

If you are building a home golf simulator, the Single Sided Studio Mat is a great option because it has plenty of room to swing and an added section for your launch monitor. If you are using a product like SkyTrak this is perfect because it enables you to position the unit on the same level surface. 

Purchase ($799)

4' x 5' Single Sided Performance Golf Mat

fiberbuilt golf mat

If you don't need extra space for a launch monitor, then this single-sided mat can save you a little bit of money. 

Purchase ($499) 

4' x 9' Launch Monitor Golf Mat

fiberbuilt golf simulator

This model is a little more versatile. If you are going to be using a launch monitor, and have both right-handed and left-handed golfers using your simulator, it is a great option.

Purchase ($1199)

Lastly, if you don't want to purchase an entire mat, and just want to try out Fiberbuilt's proprietary hitting surface, you can purchase the Flight Deck Mat for $89 here.

fiberbuilt flight deck

To see Shop Indoor Golf's entire lineup of Fiberbuilt hitting mats you can visit this page.

Putting Green Features

Fiberbuilt also has a great selection of indoor putting greens to choose from.

They are built with the same rubber frame with EPS pods, which make them extremely durable and comfortable to stand on. Their turf runs at a speed of 9 on the stimpmeter, which is close to most course conditions golfers will face. Additionally, a unique feature they offer is a chipping surface to allow wedge practice.

This video gives you a better look at some of their features:

Simply put, these are commercial-grade surfaces that will pass the test for golfers who want a high-quality product to practice with at home, indoors or outside.

Options Available

We have several sizes to choose from in our store based on the space you have available.

The most popular model is the 4' x 10' Putting Green

fiberbuilt putting green

This is plenty large enough to practice those testy 10-foot par saves and work on your chipping. 

Purchase ($899)

If you want to go larger they offer the following sizes:

8' x 8', 10'x 10', 14' x 14' and 8' x 16'

You can see our complete lineup on this page.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to hitting mats and putting greens, Fiberbuilt is one of the most trusted names in the golf industry. Golfers who are looking for commercial-grade quality without completely breaking the bank should consider their products.

Whether you are building a home simulator, or just looking to practice outside into a hitting net, there are plenty of options available.

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