Optishot 2 vs SkyTrak: Answering Your Common Questions

optishot vs skytrak

When it comes to golf simulators that cater to recreational golfers, most people are evaluating the difference between SkyTrak and OptiShot 2. These are two of the most popular products on our site for good reason - they are excellent systems that allow golfers to enjoy playing simulated courses in the comfort of their own homes.

However, there are some key differences between these two products. In this article, we will clear them up for you to help you with your purchasing decisions.

Optishot 2 - Perfect For Golfers on a Budget

If you are a golfer who is looking to get the most affordable simulation package possible, then the Optishot 2 Package will suit your needs very well. Their golf in a box simulator package will get you up and running for less than $1000. Considering where golf simulation was a decade ago, that is an absolute steal!

optishot 2

The simulation package that comes with OptiShot 2 is also pretty robust. You'll be able to practice on a virtual driving range and play 15 full courses. You can read more in our full buying guide here.

If you don't have an extensive budget for your home golf simulator system then OptiShot 2 is really your best bet. However, when you compare OptiShot 2 vs SkyTrak, there are a few serious shortcomings that should be noted.

  • OptiShot is only measuring your club path via an infrared sensor. SkyTrak uses a photometric system that measures ball data with much more accuracy. While OptiShot will give you "ballpark" numbers of where your ball would have gone, SkyTrak will simulate much more realistically.
  • SkyTrak has many software integrations with the leading companies such as World Golf Tour, TruGolf, Jack Niclaus Perfect Golf, and several others. OptiShot only allows you to use their software which has a limited amount of courses you can play.

That being said, if you don't need 100% accuracy and want to save money, then many of our Optishot 2 packages will suit your needs.

SkyTrak - The Best of Both Worlds

When you look at the home golf simulation market as a whole, it's hard to compete with what SkyTrak offers. At $2000 you get the accuracy of systems like Foresight and Trackman, but only at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, you can choose from a large collection of software providers to play thousands of simulated courses, compete online, and practice with an advanced driving range environment.


Since it came on the market several years ago, SkyTrak has become one of the leaders in the home simulation space because it filled a much-needed void. Golfers who couldn't afford to splurge on setups that cost between $10,000 to $70,000 did not have many options. Now you are able to get what many of those much more expensive systems offer at a much lower price. You can find out more about what makes SkyTrak such a great deal in our buyer's guide here.

Many of the packages that we sell at Shop Indoor Golf are well under $5,000, which makes it an attractive option against Optishot 2 for golfers who are willing to invest a little more. You will see a large boost in accuracy and software options with SkyTrak, which is why we certainly recommend it for golfers who are at this budget level.

Simply put, SkyTrak is arguably the best collection of features versus cost which is why it has become the most popular item on our site.

Choosing Between the Two

If you are wrestling with which system to go with, you can always contact us with further questions. We would be happy to help! To wrap things up a little bit for you:
  • OptiShot 2 is a great simulation package for golfers who are on an extreme budget. You will get reasonable accuracy and access to a nice collection of courses to play for no additional costs.
  • SkyTrak is a more attractive option for golfers who have a larger budget, want more accuracy, and access to plenty of software options. It is arguably the best value in home simulation right now.