Flightscope Mevo vs. Mevo+ Launch Monitors

FlightScope Mevo vs. Mevo Plus - The Complete Guide

If you're in the market for a small, portable launch monitor look no further than the Mevo line from Flightscope.  Flightscope has several choices in launch monitor's, from the tiny Mevo to the full-size, professional grade Flightscope X3 that would rival the Trackman 4, in this article we will focus on the Mevo line and leave the X3 vs TM4 for another day.

So let's start with the acronym Mevo - what does it mean?

M = Measure your numbers

E = Evaluate your game

V = Visualize your improvement

O = Optimize your performance

When the Flightscope Mevo launched in 2016 it became the first really good miniature launch monitor, and has held the standard since it first came out as an affordable, portable launch monitor. 
It is tiny, about half the size of an iPhone, two or three times thicker, but very small indeed, it can literally fit in any pocket on your golf bag! 
The Mevo is also known as being extremely accurate, especially given it's small stature.  The drawback has always been its lack of simulation properties and the amount data it gives, enter the Mevo Plus in 2020.  

While not as diminutive as its older sibling at 6.8" X 4.6", the Mevo Plus is still a very small package with a big bite!  Not only does it get the same readings as the Mevo, but it also adds simulation and doubles the data points of the original Mevo!
It does cost significantly more at $1999 vs. the $499 of the Mevo, but it brings a lot to the table which we will discuss in a minute.

Mevo vs Mevo Plus


If you're looking for some basic information about your game and just need basic measurements to help you improve, get a Mevo.  The big 3 numbers everyone is after, club speed, ball speed, spin rate are all achieved by the Mevo launch monitor, I could give you a club fitting based on those 3 numbers right there, however it brings more to the table than that. 

You also get vertical launch angle, apex, flight time, smash factor, and carry distance.  This is a lot of information for a small package, and you can also use the app to take videos of your swing and overlay the data on that specific swing.  All of this is done within the app that you get with the Mevo.

If you want all of those numbers, and horizontal launch angle, angle of attack, roll distance, total distance, spin axis, spin loft, shot shape, shot shape and lateral landing, get a Mevo Plus. 

With the Mevo Plus you also get the ability to use it as a simulator, which includes 17 driving ranges, 5 courses and several skills challenges within the app without any upgrades.

flightscope Mevo Plus data parameters

Uses Cases

Mevo: This is your basic, get speed, spin, launch, numbers machine.  It is very accurate, it is very portable and could fit in your pants pocket if you so desired, and is very easy to setup and use on course and on the range.

The Mevo doesn't do anything fancy or look really cool, it just provides you with top of the line accuracy in a very small package.  Also, having video overlay is something you usually can't get with this much data, at this price point.


Mevo Plus: This is a big step up in both price and use.  Having the ability to come home after a long days work and play a couple of rounds in under an hour is invaluable. 

Just like the Mevo, setup is a breeze and there is actually a camera built into the Mevo Plus that will help you with alignment, to make sure you're going to get the best readings. 

The big difference here is how you use the Mevo Plus, because it can be used in simulation mode wherever you want to use it.  You could actually go to the range with your iPad and play a round at the range.

Mevo Plus

The Flighscope Mevo+ is definitely an upgrade from the Mevo, but both work great, and the choice is easy if you know what you want to use them for. To be a simulator or not, that is the question!

A Final Overview

Mevo and Mevo Plus


  • Can be used indoor or outdoors
  • Very good numbers
  • Portable and Pocketable
  • Long battery life
  • No subscription fees

Mevo Plus

  • Can be used indoor or outdoors
  • Numbers rival many high-end monitors
  • Great for Simulator Use
  • Comes with very good simulation software; E6 Connect
  • No subscription fees

Mevo and Mevo Plus


  • Requires 4-7 Feet behind the ball
  • Launch Angles can read slightly higher
  • Can be hard to use indoors due to space required
  • Can't be used with simulator software

Mevo Plus

  • Requires a minimum of 8 feet behind the ball
  • Requires stickers on golf ball to measure spin
  • Launch Monitor will work with less space but will be completely inaccurate
  • Battery Life can be low for a long day at the range


Mevo vs Mevo Plus

While these products are definitely related, they are very hard to compare because they aren't really used for the same things.  They can both give you great data, are very accurate, and reliable, they have different overall uses.  The Mevo is awesome for it's size and mobility, but it's limited to data and video. 

The Mevo Plus can do it all, twice the data, video, simulation, acts as a Wifi hotspot, it's really the entire package.  While they may not be perfect indoors, they are still very good, and they are awesome outdoors, so you really can't go wrong with either one of them. 

Knowing what you want to accomplish with your launch monitor will make your decision for you.  If you want to save money and just get some basic data, get a Mevo, if you want the whole enchilada and have multiple uses get a Mevo Plus.

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