Fusion Tracking For FlightScope Launch Monitors

What is Fusion Tracking? 

FlightScope's Patented Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler Tracking Radar and synchronized image processing for unmatched data accuracy.

FlightScope recognizes that radar and camera technologies have strengths and weaknesses and therefore we have combined the 2 methods into Fusion Tracking to provide the best of both technologies.

Fusion Tracking Compatible Launch Monitors

FlighScope X3 Launch Monitor

FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor

The X3 has the ability to track over 50 full swing, ball flight, chipping, and putting metrics. With the ability to track D-Plane data, the X3 provides valuable insight into your wedge play.

NEW! FlightScope MEVO+ Launch Monitor

FlightScope MEVO+ Launch Monitor

The Mevo+ with Fusion Tracking introduces a level of accuracy and consistency never seen before. The Mevo+ provides golfers with 15 data parameters and features golf simulation & gamification options. Fusion Tracking paired with the Pro Package unlocks 11 more metrics for your MEVO+.

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